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Why hello there! I'm Ms. Spethmann. I am heading into my 5th year teaching. This year I am making some pretty big changes, but that's what life is all about right? The past 4 years I have spent teaching 6th grade in the school district I grew up attending. After spending a couple years in the classroom I discovered my love for educational technology and student centered learning. This year I am changing locations. And when I say locations - I mean LOCATIONS. I will be heading to a new district and giving up the comfort of my very own classroom to take over their Library/LRC. I will be a specials teacher to students in Kinder-5th grade. They will come to the LRC for 50-60 minutes a week to hang out, create, explore, take risks, discover, and collaborate with good ole' Ms. Spethmann! I had a lot of angst at first, not having 25 of my own little babies, but this is a chance to really create a unique experience for kids - and heck who doesn't love a new adventure!?

I went to Illinois State University. I am currently slaving away at earning my master's degree in Teacher Leadership, and loving every second of it. I majored in Elementary Education with lots of endorsements; Spanish, Social Studies, and Reading - if they offered an Art endorsement I would have been all over that too! I did a full year of student teaching where I was lucky enough to student teach in 1st and 4th grades. I absolutely loved both of them. 

I currently reside in the suburbs of Chicago with my hunk of a boyfriend Jordan and our fur baby Dakota. I adore them both. 

I have lots of other interests besides teaching (believe it or not) - during the school year my family and friends might tell you otherwise. Some of the biggies are country music, coffee, reading, crafts, makeup, and the lacquer of "lacquer, teach, repeat." I get a weird sense of calm when painting my nails, which any educator can attest to, is a must with 12 hour work days (yes, we bring work home & often have dreams/nightmares about school - we don't get paid for that part). 

I am also that risk taking teacher who loves to be on top of everything EdTech. Blogging in the classroom is a must for me and my kids - positive interaction on the internet GALORE!

Take a peek around - if you snag a polish color you MUST have or a teaching idea you can't wait to try, my job is done. Cheers!

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