Thursday, January 1, 2015

My kind of New Year organization!

This Thursday I'm sharing one of my favorite tips for your "tips!" While I find painting my nails therapeutic, to many women (especially busy ones - hey teachers!) it is a pesky job. Don't spend those extra bucks on a mani that you can do yourself. One of my favorite strategies when it comes to painting my nails is my -Manicure Essentials- box. I did a little reorganization for 2015 here, but the main idea is the same.

Grab a small box, this time of year is perfect with little gift boxes from the holidays. I decided to expand mine, because I have an addiction and an extensive routine indeed <guilty!> I used a shipping box that a Christmas gift came in.

Place all of your essential products you use to do a manicure in this box. May include, but are not limited to...

- base coat - files - clippers - cuticle nippers - buffing block - detail work tools - nail polish remover - toe separators - cuticle remover - cotton pads - drying drops - small paint/makeup brush for clean up around nails -


Even if it is a couple items, store that baby in an easy to grab place. Mine hangs out in the linen closet. The next time you have a minute (or two) to give your nails some lovin, all you have to do is grab your Manicure Essentials box of magic and your favorite colored lacquer, then voila!

Happy New Year Y'all! Here's to a 2015 filled with flawless manicures and lots of learning all around :) 

With love from my New Year's nails to yours...

PS - liking my new digs here on Lacquer Teach Repeat? I sure am! Makeover courtesy of the lovely Miss Johnston - her blog designs are the bomb.