Sunday, December 1, 2013

Here We Go!

Thanksgiving break is over and we roll into the most fun three weeks of the school year (yes, taste my sarcasm). Why on GOD'S GREEN EARTH would this twenty something decide to start blogging during this time of year? Well here's the scoop. I love teaching, and when I say I love teaching I mean I was that freak child who always had a classroom of my own. Yes, 5 year old with big brown eyes teaching about Martin Luther King to her little brother and plethora of dolls throughout the month of January. So here it is. My love for creating all sorts of pretty in my classroom and seeing the sparkle in my kiddos' eyes will be here. My hub of love. If there is something I love JUST as much as teaching (and you can ask anyone in my life) it would be my sick and I mean SICK obsession with nail polish. So here we go, each post will contain the color I adorn my tips with and a short description of my thoughts. On top of that, the meat and potatoes of my posts will be all about my classroom and it's happenings. Here's to growing young minds and marvelous manicures. Cheers!

Teaching this week in...

Loving this color for fall and the ever so lovely transition into the holidays. Oxblood? I'd like to think so, borderline black on the nails though... foxy.

Before break I started the ever daunting task of a lifelong lesson for readers - cue the choir - ANNOTATING! I went with the true gradual release. Showed my 6th graders some models, did an article together on "Too Much Txting" (always a fave with this age group), then assessed their skills with Sandra Cisneros' "Eleven." The amount of connections they had was INSANE. I can't wait to see what they do with their new found skill of annotating. Lifelong lesson I tell ya! Nonfiction is next on my list. 

Got these bad boys from my Donors Choose project. GOD BLESS ALL OF MY DONORS! The kids went WILD when they finally got to use the "smelly markers." Fruity-est annotations I've ever assessed, that's for sure. 

And one last ode to my inspiration for blogging...
Pinterest how I love you. 

Stay chip free and standards based!