Saturday, August 23, 2014

QR Classroom Tour

One thing that continuously runs through my mind at the beginning of the school year is... HOW ON EARTH AM I GOING TO TEACH ALL OF THOSE CLASSROOM ROUTINES AND PROCEDURES?! While the word endurance comes to mind, I also think of my poor kiddos sitting in their seats listening to me drone on about how everything in our room works.

At the end of last year (with my dream class mind you) I thought I would try a little something different. It was weird for me to be so prepared in thinking about the Fall and the beginning of June, but with this particular group of kids and I  - risk taking was a staple in our room. Collaboration is so huge in my classroom, and I am SO not a direct instruction type of gal. I figured who are the experts on everything Room 225... MY STUDENTS. Duh.

1. Pick out the things I was NOT going to change up too much for next year (which was really hard, I change a lot every year.) I really had to look at my procedures and routines that work really well day in and day out. List them.
2. Pair students up. I chose high/low so the quality of videos made would be pretty streamline.
3. Assign each pair one thing in the classroom to cover.
4. Have students make a video explaining the procedure. We used the Explain Everything App on the iPads. You could also have them use an app like Videolicious or Animoto. They could also just video themselves!
5. I had them upload the videos to a Classroom Tour file on our class Dropbox. Some of the videos are one minute, some are four. Whatever they thought needed to be included in the video, I let them include.

Here is one of the shorter ones :)

We had an absolute BLAST making these videos, they thought of more tips and tricks than I could have every thought of!


1. Re-watch videos and tear up on how you miss your class from last year already. 
2. Create a QR code for each video and place it at that spot in the room.
3. Create a worksheet with questions that coincide with the videos for newbies to answer. 
4. Send them off with their device and headphones!

My scavenger hunt includes 7 videos and 20 questions. QR codes were made at 

Happy teacher, happy students!

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