Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Digitally Organize! & INSTALOVE!

Still obsessing over my new dotting tool - even if it doesn't create the most SOPHISTICATED manicures.

I have also just joined the teacher world on Instagram and oh my LANTA. I am quite a social media lover. I do it all (twitter, fb, youtube, instagram, you name it) and with multiple accounts for teaching and personal. It's actually a little out of hand. Since I am so visual and such a creative soul Instagram was always my favorite. I have had a personal forever, but my heart now, is with my teacher Instagram (lacquer_teach_repeat) AHH IT'S SO FAB! I have discovered a beyond fabulous 6th grade teacher over at LESSONS WITH COFFEE 

... I can not get enough of this MN lady! I have decided to sign up for my first #SLANT box too. It makes me nervous, but I love giving gifts, love everything teacher, and LOVE creating and sharing - so why not?! EEK!

The SLANT Box Exchange

So this digital organization piece. In my 3 years of teaching I have struggled with am I a binder person? Am I a file folder person? Am I a computer person? Fact: I am all. I have multiples of documents in all places YIKES. So I decided this year, you know what Google Drive, we are officially in a relationship (sorry you had no say). I have a Mac at home and a dinosaur PC at school. I am hoping this will help with transfer of docs between school and home too.  
We will see how it goes! 

My desktop also got a makeover. Ever since I've been on a creation binge, my desktop was getting out of control. An intervention was needed! One of my nearest and dearest teacher friends organizes her desktop like this (I have also seen tons of other teachers do this too!) It just makes too much sense!

Gosh colorful graphics and a dotting tool, how easy happy is that? :)
Stay chip free and standards based!

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