Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sweet Summertime.

I have been attmepting to relax this summer, but as one of my coworkers put it - "Jess, you will NEVER be able to be a stay at home mom." Hmph. It's a nice thought right? The truth is a week after school got out I was doodling lists for next year and my *must do's.* Here are a couple of my summer highlights before I dive into 6th grade teacher, puppy mama, green team coach, student council lady, and grad school student in the fall.

Nails have been SO SUMMERY. Is summery a word? Yup. I like to call these my mermaid nails - swoon. 

Essie and Deborah Lippman (Yes, that glitter was a BEAST to remove)

This is the new furbaby Dakota. And she is the absolute best. My boyfriend and I adopted her from a program assistant at my school who fosters animals... lets just say we joined the very large club of friends at school who have adopted pups from her, and we couldn't be happier :)

I just can not stay away from that creative bug that bit me a long, long time ago when my Gramma Dee let me push the pedal on her sewing machine for the first time. With that being said, classroom crafts are just a summer staple in the life of Jessica Spethmann. Here are a couple of my digital faves for the fall.

The infamous "Teacher Toolkit" that floats on every teacher's Pinterest board. I also love these labels because I can use them for just about everything. They are in my TPT store with some blank ones to use for whatever the heart desires! 

Now for a blinking neon sign to hang above this bad boy saying "NO 6TH GRADE HANDS ALLOWED." Can I buy that on Teachers Pay Teachers?! Shucks. 

New subject labels!! I have developed a serious obsession with Mellonheadz. They are semi-primary, but if I like it - I make my 6th graders like it (muahaha). I laminated these with my smaller laminator that clearly was sent from Heaven above. The lamination is much thicker than the school laminator - heavy duty for these babes. 

Tonight I finished my nametags - simple yet sweet. I will end up typing the students names in with my beloved KG fonts (another obsession). We all know that new students pops up a week before school, so I am trying to hold off on the typing of the names - we'll see how that goes!

There are a couple more colors too :) 

This came. And move over boyfriend - may be the new love of my life. Erin Condren you peach you! I tweeted her this and she (well probably an intern?) tweeted me back - AHH! 

Here's one more of the babe for ya!

Stay chip free and standards based!

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